How Monks and Lay Brothers Lived
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2 West Gate
3 First view of the ruins – turn left Pass through the visitor centre and enter the grounds
4 Entrance to church
5 Pass cemetery entrance
6 Face the belfry tower and nave where the lay brothers had their places
 A tour of the Abbey  
Photography by Roy Chatfield
1 Plan of Abbey reproduced here by kind permission of English Heritage
7 The Church – the most important building
8 Father Hilary and Brother Peter visit Furness Abbey
9 The sedilia
10 The sedilia to the left and vestry door to right  
11 Piscina in the vestry
12 Original tiled floor in North transept chapel
13 Night stairs
14 Cloister area
16 to the left is the original entrance to Savigniac Chapter House
15 The Cloister showing remains of lay brothers’ quarters
The Chapter House
The Reredorter 
The Reredorter and Infirmary in the distance
The Day Room
The stream of Beckansgill 
The Infirmary
The Infirmary
The roof of the Infirmary Chapel “ribbed and curving like a bat’s wings” 
(Norman Nicholson)
The Amphitheatre
The Infirmary’s octagonal kitchen
The Abbot’s house
The White monks’ cemetery
The White monks’ cemetery Retrace your steps and exit through the Visitor Centre.
Stephen the founder and Queen Matilda 
(Carvings at the top of the East Window)
The West Gate.
 Part of the precinct wall on Abbey Road.
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